History of Casino War

Casino war is one of the most popular card games available in the current casino market. IF you are new to the game, visit http://www.1001-online-casino.co to get an overview. Before we proceed further, let's see the history of this game. The game originated from Nevada in 1993. An IT company known as Bet Technology developed the game. Later, the game was sold to Shuffle Master, Inc. Updo date, the game is distributed by Nevada-based Shuffle Master. Shuffle Master, Inc is a member of Scientific Games Corporation (a reputable American company that develops and distributes gaming solutions to different casinos worldwide).

Introduction to Casino War Game

If you are familiar with table games, Casino war might not be a new technical buzzword to you. However, for new players, we can define it as a table game that bases its theme on the game of the war. The most popular variation is the six-strand type that has 52 card decks. The ranking of cards uses a similar way as a poker game. For example, the aces are the highest-ranked while 2 is the lowest (ie. A, K, J, Q, 10--- and 2). The game involves two parties; the player and the dealer. Lets get to the gameplay.

The game starts when both dealer and player are deals one card each. The outcome of their cards (card ranking) determines who wins the game. In case the player has a card achievieves a ranking that is greater than that of the dealer, he wins the game. In case the dealers hand is ranked higher than that of the players, then the player loses the game. In case both hands have the same card ranking, it is called a tie. In such an event, the player has to make a decision. There are only two options involved as seen below.

  • The player can choose to surender.
  • The player can go to war.

Options Description

When the player surrenders, it means he has conceded the defeat. The game ends there and half of the player's bet amount is lost. The player decides to "goes to war" by doubling the stake. In case the player goes to war, the dealer must discard (burn) three cards before the game proceeds. In the second round, the player will win the game under two conditions; if the player hand exeeds that of the dealer in the ranking, then the player wins initial stake. If both hands are equal, the player wins a double. In case the players hand is ranked lower, he will lose the double stake.

The Strategy to Use

Casino War is just like any other game. There are different strategies you can employ to beat the game. Here, the strategy is simple. The player needs to avoid surrendering the bet in case of a tie. When a player surrenders, the house advantage increases when there is a bonus payout offered by the casino. Initialy, the house advantage remains to be around 2%. It can also rise depending on the number of decks. The higher the decks in play, the higher the house advantage. Casino war is a simple game that a player can master quicker than other card games.


As we wind up, we have seen the gameplay of the casino war. As a card player, it is good to choose the casino war. The reason is that it gives you 50%+ chances of beating the hand of the dealer. In the event of a tie, the game also gives the player a chance to continue playing or accept some amount. As a result, the player is guaranteed to frequently get some winnings from his stakes. The game is also popular since it is distributted by a reputable company known as Shuffle Master (works under Scientific Games coporation).

Last modified: 25 July 2021